The Best Diet for Health and Longevity

March 25, 2016 / Amritha Roser

The Best Diet for Health and Longevity

Scientific evidence suggests that the best diet for health and longevity is mostly plant based.

What is a plant based diet?

A plant-based diet includes more volume of food from plant sources than animal. Foods from plant sources include vegetables, fruits, lentils, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

What are the benefits of a plant based diet?

Research suggests the following:
- Prevents pre-diabetes and type II diabetes
- Supports cardiovascular health
- Supports weight loss
- Helps reduce waist circumference
- Is Anti-aging
- Prevents certain types of cancers
- Reduces allergies
- Supports long term health

Do you need to become a vegan to reap the benefits of a plant-based diet?

Though we can all benefit from transforming our diets to one that is mostly plant based, it does not need to be exclusively plant based to reap health benefits. As a first step, look at your plate at your next meal and evaluate it against the plate method. At least ½ of the plate should be filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits, and a ¼ of the plate should be filled with whole grains. The remaining ¼ of the plate should be filled with a lean protein such as fish, chicken or a plant based protein such as lentils or beans. Those who are ready to transform their diets to a mostly plant based may want to consider following the Mediterranean diet.

Be mindful however, to reap maximum health benefits, you must reduce or discontinue the consumption of sugar laden and processed foods - including processed meats.


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