Eating Right On the Go

March 11, 2016 / James Knowles

Eating Right On the Go

Eating Right On the Go

Whether it is a demanding job or a busy family life, eating healthy can prove to be a challenge when our lives get in the way. Many people turn to the quick, easy and cheap food options to help free up time in their day but in the long run that habit is working against you. Over time, poor eating habits can result in decreased energy levels, increased stress levels (think hangry) and even more serious health problems.

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we’ve compiled some easy tips that will help you eat healthier without adding too much time to your day.

Stay Away from Processed Food

While they may seem appealing, processed foods can contain tons of chemicals and additives. Shop smart and go for the nutrient-rich whole foods – your body will thank you.

Pre-package Your Own Snacks

Rather than spending tons of money on pre-packaged (and often unhealthy) snacks, make your own snack portions at home and keep them in separate Ziploc bags. Over the course of the day, reach for your homemade snacks to satisfy your hunger and keep your money in your wallet.

Plan Your Weekly Menu

Having a menu planned out allows you to stay ahead of the week and only buy ingredients that you’ll need. Better yet, plan meals that utilize the same ingredients so that you can buy less, but still have a great variety in you meals!

The Meal So Nice, You Ate it Twice

Left overs are the easiest way to save yourself time preparing food while still maintaining a healthy diet. After your meal, seal the left overs up in an air tight container and enjoy an effortless meal later!

Eat Regularly

Too often, skipping a meal seems like a good option when your day is getting too busy. This results in your body going into “starvation” mode which can result in low energy and a cloudy head. Rather than skipping a meal, keep a bag of trail mix or similar nutritious treat on you to ensure you’re giving your body the calories it needs.

Make Breakfast Count

We’ve all heard it before, but breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts our bodies and gives us the energy we need to go about our days. Skip the fast food breakfast and strive to add protein, whole grains and fruit to your morning routine. It’s as easy as a piece of whole grain toast with some peanut butter and a banana to get your morning off to a healthy start. ​​

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