How to Have a Halloween that Isn't Scary for your Health

October 24, 2012 / Amritha Roser

How to Have a Halloween that Isn't Scary for your Health

Halloween is best known for costumes, spooky tricks and maybe most of all, candy. Trying to have a nice Halloween without throwing your healthy habits out the window? Here are some ideas to help get through this day without it being so scary to your health.
  1. First and foremost, be sure to get in some exercise.  The key to getting through calorie filled holidays without too much or unnecessary weight gain is by keeping to a regular schedule of exercise.
  2. Wait until the day of to buy candy so you don’t have the temptation around the house for days or weeks in advance.
  3. Don’t buy too much candy.  When you run out, call it a night.
  4. When you do buy candy, purchase a kind that you do not like so it will be much easier to resist.
  5. Consider buying healthier alternatives to candy such as raisins or pretzels.
  6. Better yet, buy non food items such as pencils, temporary tattoos or stickers, plastic spider rings, whistles, etc.
  7. Eat a healthy dinner beforehand that includes a protein source (such as chicken or fish), vegetable and a whole grain.  This applies to both adults as well as children.  Facing this night on an empty stomach would be scary, because everything is sweet, free and in abundance.
  8. If you are taking kids trick or treating, walk the neighborhood.  You will be able to keep an eye on the kids and burn off some calories as well.
  9. If you are having or going to a Halloween party, make or take healthy treats. (click here for a few ideas) And remember, you have the right to say no, when offered more food.

Anticipate and plan accordingly so you can get through this day without too much distress and still have a howling good time.

NOTE:  The American Heart Association recommends only 100 calories or 6 ½ teaspoons a day of added sugar for women and 150 calories or 9 ½ teaspoons a day of added sugar for men.  Miniature candy sold for Halloween generally contains about 5 grams of added sugar per piece.   Check the Nutrition Facts label for other sizes. For your reference, 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams of sugar.

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