10 Simple Ways to Become More Mindful

November 09, 2016 / Jeffrey Luery

10 Simple Ways to Become More Mindful

Has someone ever told you to be mindful when you were feeling stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed? Probably not. Instead, you are usually encouraged to think positive and believe that everything will work itself out. However, mindfulness is a very healthy thought process that can relieve stress and improve your mood. But what exactly does it mean to be mindful?

If you’ve ever put a conscious effort into focusing on the present moment, then you were being mindful. According to Psychology Today, mindfulness is when you pay attention to what’s happening in the current state in an objective, nonjudgmental way. It’s about living in the moment and caring about the “here and now”. Many people incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives by practicing yoga and meditation, but there are many more opportunities to make mindful living a key part of your normal routine. Here are 10 additional simple, yet effective ways to have more mindful moments:

  1. Breathe deeply

    Slowly breathing in and out while counting each breath will help you become dramatically more in tune with yourself and help you clear your mind of anything that’s bothering you.

  2. Write down your goals

    Take charge of your day by making a list of what you plan to accomplish. Then, take direct action toward achieving those goals, as opposed to coasting through the day without purpose or intent.

  3. Put your phone on airplane mode

    Detaching yourself from your smartphone will keep you from getting distracted and allow you to remain aware within your current environment.

  4. Eat healthy

    When preparing your next meal, instead of heading to the nearest fast food restaurant, think about how much better your body will feel if you feed it with foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients instead.

  5. Slow down!

    Smelling the roses is one of those things that most people regret not doing. Walk a few strides slower, soak up your surroundings, smile at people as you walk past them, and appreciate the beautiful gift of being alive.

  6. Listen to music

    Music has an interesting way of bringing our emotions to life and making us conscious of our current thoughts. Based on your mood, choose the best genre of music to stimulate your mind.

    iHeartRadio has organized a playlist filled with great songs to help you be more mindful. Click here to listen!

  7. Chew your food slowly

    Don’t rush through your meal. Enjoy the texture and savor the flavor. Taking time to finish your meal will also help you appreciate how fortunate you are to even have a meal to eat.

  8. Have a meaningful conversation

    Talk one-on-one with someone and ask them questions that help you learn something unique about them. Listen closely to their response, pay attention to the details, and follow up with another question or comment to further the conversation.

  9. Reflect on a positive outcome

    Think about something good that happened to you today. Reflect on its impact and overall end result. If it happens again, will you handle it the same way or differently?

  10. Go to sleep on time

    When nearing the end of the night and your eyes are beginning to shut, listen to your body and go to bed sooner rather than later. You will thank yourself in the morning!

We hope you do yourselves a favor by using these strategies to become more mindful as you deal with life’s inevitable stressors. HelpGuide.org explains that mindfulness improves all aspects of our health, such as decreasing blood pressure, alleviating anxiety, reducing chronic pain, and increasing self-esteem and life satisfaction. Make today matter by focusing on the present and having more mindful moments!




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