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Molina Healthcare and Community Health Plan of Washington Invest in Daybreak Youth Services


Molina Healthcare of Washington and Community Health Plan of Washington, the two health plans who serve Medicaid beneficiaries in Southwest Washington’s Apple Health integrated managed care program, recently announced a one-time award of state general funds to cover start-up operational costs for Daybreak Youth Services’ Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment (E&T) unit in Brush Prairie. Molina and Community Health Plan of Washington are providing more than $125,000 for this expansion of much-needed capacity in the region’s behavioral health services.

Daybreak Youth Services, a 501c3 nonprofit, addressed a significant service gap for youth in crisis in Southwest Washington with the opening of its 12-bed Psychiatric E&T unit at the RWC Center for Adolescent Recovery (11910 NE 154th St., Brush Prairie, WA). The new service is anticipated to improve access for teens in crisis while also providing a more cost-effective setting by diverting from higher-cost inpatient facilities. The combination of Psychiatric E&T services with Daybreak’s existing Substance Use Disorder treatment programming is unique in Washington state and promises to further improve service, quality and cost by enabling more timely transitions of patients to the most appropriate care setting.

“We are thrilled to invest in this innovative solution that will improve service and access to our members in Southwest Washington, and provide a much-needed option to transition members out of inpatient facilities,” said Peter Adler, president of Molina Healthcare of Washington. “The Daybreak facility gets us one step closer to whole person care, reducing costs while also improving member care.”

“Providing care services in a setting that is appropriate to the member’s needs is integral to patient-centered whole person care, and the Daybreak facility does just that,” said Leanne Berge, CEO of Community Health Plan of Washington. “We are very pleased to be able to contribute to a solution that addresses such a critical need for our youth members in Southwest Washington.”

“Kids across the state are struggling more than ever with a variety of acute mental health needs, but a lack of Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment services for adolescents has made it tougher for those in need to get the help,” said Annette Klinefelter, Daybreak CEO. “Thanks to this collaborative investment by Molina Healthcare and Community Health Plan of Washington, kids in crisis from can come to Daybreak for stabilization and transition into a continuum of care closer to home.”

Proposals were considered by a Capacity Building Committee, which includes Clark County Human Services, Skamania County Human Services, Molina, Community Health Plan of Washington, Beacon, Health Care Authority, Accountable Community of Health and the Regional Behavioral Health Advisory Board.

About Molina Healthcare of Washington
Molina Healthcare of Washington has been providing government-funded care for low-income individuals for nearly 20 years. Molina’s mission has always been to provide quality health care to people receiving government assistance. As of September 2017, the organization serves approximately 770,000 members through Medicaid, Medicare and the Health Benefit Exchange programs across the state of Washington. Additionally, Molina Healthcare operates a primary care clinic in Everett. Visit MolinaHealthcare.com and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About Community Health Plan of Washington
Founded in 1992 by a network of community and migrant health centers in Washington State, Community Health Plan of Washington is a community-governed, local not-for-profit health plan. The mission of CHPW is to deliver accessible managed care services that meet the needs and improve the health of our communities and to make managed care participation beneficial for community-responsive providers. CHPW serves approximately 300,000 members through Medicaid and Medicare programs across the State. To learn more, visit chpw.org or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

About Daybreak Youth Services
As an innovative leader in youth substance use disorder and mental health treatment since 1978, Daybreak Youth Services helps families who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and mental health issues. Daybreak offers outpatient counseling to teens in Spokane, Vancouver and Brush Prairie, WA. For teens with more acute support needs, Daybreak offers residential inpatient SUD and Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment services in Brush Prairie (all genders identities/expressions) and Spokane (female and female-identifying only). These facilities provide safe and secure environments where adolescents ages 12-18 can commit to their recovery while engaging in school and recreation. To learn more about Daybreak, visit www.daybreakyouthservices.org.

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