Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Does Molina contract Independents?
A: No. At this time we are not offering independent contracts.
Q: Do I need to be under a Marketing General Agency (MGA) to sell Molina Marketplace?
A: Yes. For more information on the agencies available or a list of agencies available to you, please contact the Broker Support Unit.
Q: Do you pay commission direct to agents under a MGA?
A: No, we pay the MGA, who will pay the agent. 
Q: How often are the commissions paid out?
A: Once a month to MGA.
Q: Can I speak on behalf of my members?
A: Yes. When you contact the Broker Support Unit we will assist you with your members’ needs. If you need to contact member services please have the members on the line. That way they can give permission for you to speak on their behalf.
Q: What can I do to get clarification on my commissions? 
A: You can check your book of business on your broker portal at:
Q: What can I do if I have trouble logging in to the broker portal?
A: First check to see if you need to change your password. If you need further help, contact the Broker Support Unit.
Broker Support Unit
Phone: (855) 885-3179, and select option 1