Quality Improvement Program

Doctor and patient

​​Molina Healthcare wants our members and their families to receive the best care.​

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Patient Safety Program

​We want our members and their families to be safe and healthy.​

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Father and Daughter

​​Molina Healthcare uses the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) tool each year as a way to measure quality.​​​​​

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Girl and Doctor

​​CAHPS® surveys are used by a non-profit group that wants to improve health care quality.​​​​

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Member Rights & Responsibilities

Doctor and Patient Talking

​Find out what rights and responsibilities you have as a member.​

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New Technology

Girl with doctor

​​We look at new types of services and we look at new ways to provide those services.​​

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Medical symbol caduceus snake with stick

​​Molina Healthcare seeks to uphold high ethical standards for health care benefits and services to its members.​​

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Grievance and Appeals

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​​You have the right to file a grievance or appeal.

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