Hand holding prescription drug pill bottle

Prescription Drugs

Drug benefits are provided by CVS Caremark.

To view the Drug Formulary and plan-specific Drug Look-Up tool, visit the View Plans page.

Mail order availability of Formulary Prescription Drugs
Molina offers You a mail order drug benefit on most of our formulary long term use drugs. Formulary Prescriptions drugs can be mailed to You within 10 days from order request and approval. Cost Sharing for up to a 90-day supply is two times Your appropriate Copayment or Percentage Cost Sharing based on Your drug tier for one month.

You may request mail order service in the following ways:

  • You can also complete a Mail Service Order Form
  • You can call the FastStart® toll-free number at 1 (800) 875-0867. Provide Your Molina Marketplace Member number (found on Your ID card), Your prescription name(s), Your doctor’s name and phone number, and Your mailing address.
  • You can give Your doctor’s office the toll-free FastStart® physician number 1 (800) 378-5697, and ask Your doctor to call, fax, or electronically prescribe Your prescription. To speed up the process, Your doctor will need Your Molina Marketplace Member number (found on Your ID card), Your date of birth, and Your mailing address.

How do members get care?
Call Member Services if

  • You need to ask about a drug.
  • You have trouble getting a prescription filled at the pharmacy. (Please do not pay for the prescription.)
    • Prescriptions are covered through Molina Healthcare’s contracted pharmacies within your service area. Prescriptions are covered outside of service area for emergency or urgent services only.
    • You need an interpreter to communicate with the pharmacy about getting your medication.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, contact us through the National Relay Service by dialing 711.

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