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New York Fraud and Abuse
Molina Healthcare of New York seeks to uphold the highest ethical standards for the provision of health care benefits and services to its members, and supports the efforts of federal and state authori...
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Case Management
Molina Healthcare provides a comprehensive Case Management (CM) program to all Members who meet the criteria for services. The CM program focuses on procuring and coordinating the care, services, and ...
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Patient Safety
The Patient Safety Program identifies appropriate safety projects and error avoidance for Molina Healthcare members in collaboration with their primary care providers.Molina continues to support safe ...
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Health Promotion
Molina Healthcare's Health Education programs will be incorporated into the Member's treatment plan to address the Member's health care needs. Primary prevention programs may include smoking cessatio...
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Coordination of Care
Continuity of Care and Provider-to-Provider CommunicationAs medical practice becomes more complex and demanding, coordinating care between various providers involved in a patient's care is a challenge...
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HIPAA Code Sets
The Federal HIPAA regulations issued by DHHS dictate that only approved code sets may be used in standard electronic transactions. The CMS site has official resources that define these standard code s...
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Comuníquese con nosotros
Servicios para Miembros Affinity de Molina Healthcare  Gracias por elegir Affinity de Molina Healthcare como su plan de atención médica. Haremos todo lo posible para ayudarle a usted y a su familia co...
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A health plan for New Yorkers who don’t qualify for Medicaid. The Essential Plan offers the same essential health benefits you get with other health plans but with no monthly premiums.   Who can buy i...
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Un plan médico para neoyorquinos que no califican para Medicaid. Essential Plan ofrece los mismos beneficios médicos esenciales que usted puede obtener con otros planes médicos, pero sin primas mensua...
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Patient Safety Program | Molina Complete Care
Molina Complete Care (MCC) wants you and your family to be safe and healthy. We have a Patient Safety program to help us meet this goal. This program gives you the safety facts, so you can make better...
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