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Preguntas y respuestas
General ¿A quién debo llamar para obtener más información o respuestas a mis preguntas? Haga clic aquí para conocer más acerca de...
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Case Management
Molina Healthcare staff will help you coordinate your care Living with health problems and managing them can be hard. We offer special services and programs for adult and child members who need extra ...
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Derechos y responsabilidades de los miembros | Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare
Sus derechos y responsabilidades como miembro ¿Sabía que al incorporarse como miembro de Passport usted tiene ciertos derechos y responsabilidades? Conocer sus derechos y responsabilidades ayudará a q...
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In-Home Supportive Services | Molina Healthcare CA
What is IHSS? IHSS helps pay for services that help you to live safely in your own home. To be eligible you must be 65 years old or older, or disabled, or blind. IHSS is considered an alternative to o...
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Member Rights & Responsibilities
Molina Healthcare of Ohio (MHO) complies with all applicable federal and state laws that pertain to member rights. MHO makes sure its staff and providers in its network take those rights into account ...
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Acerca de STAR+PLUS
STAR+PLUS es un programa de atención médica administrada de Texas Medicaid para personas con discapacidades o mayores de 65 años de edad. Las personas en STAR+PLUS reciben atención médica de Medicaid ...
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Disability and Senior Access Services
Health and wellness is the same for people with or without disabilities or activity limitations. Molina Healthcare's Bridge2Access Program will help improve access to health care services for all mem...
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Behavioral Health | Molina Healthcare Washington
(Mental health and substance use disorder treatment services) Molina Healthcare covers outpatient and inpatient behavioral health treatment services with licensed mental health and substance use dis...
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Prescription Drugs | Apple Health (Medicaid)
Prescription medications are covered when: Medically necessary Ordered by your provider who has a contract with Molina Healthcare. Check Find a Provider to see if your provider is contracted ...
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Crisis Services | Molina Healthcare Washington
Mental Health Crisis: If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, call your regional number here If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, substance use or pro...