Member Value Added Benefits 

Your Molina plan includes everything you need to stay healthy—at no cost.

New! Pyx Health: Connecting you to care, support, and resources for a healthier, happier life.

Some days can be challenging. That’s why Molina now offers members the Pyx Health program, to make it easy to connect to the right help, right when you need it—at no cost. Use the app to:

  • Connect to all your Molina Healthcare benefits
  • Improve your mood, anxiety, motivation and more
  • Chat with compassionate Pyx Health staff for support
  • Find resources to help your physical and mental health, including things like food, transportation and rent

Download the app now. For Apple devices, click here. For Android devices, click here. Or call Pyx Health’s friendly team at (855) 499-4777. 


Molina’s Reward Program | Get Rewarded for Taking Care of Your Health 


Well-Child Rewards

  • Up to $50 for well-child checkup, immunizations, and ADHD follow-up visits
  • No-cost sports physicals if completed during a well-child visit 

Covid Vaccine Reward

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card for completing first dose of COVID-19 vaccine between 6/1/22 - 12/31/22


Women’s Health Rewards

  • Up to $50 for completing breast and cervical cancer screenings

Well-Care Rewards

  • Up to $75 for routine visits, preteen immunizations, and chlamydia screenings
  • $25 for completing your diabetic screening
  • $25 for completing your diabetic eye exam


Maternity Support & Rewards

  • Up to $150 for prenatal and postpartum doctor visits
  • FREE Breast Pump through Aeroflow. Click here to sign up. 
  • FREE Prenatal Vitamins
  • Text4Baby



Technology Gifts & Discounts

  • FREE Smartphone from Truconnect
    • Exclusively from Molina for qualified members with unlimited data, text & talk + free international calls to Mexico, Canada, China, South Korea and Vietnam.
  • Amazon Prime discount
    • Including Prime Video, free shipping & more. After three months, enjoy Amazon Prime with a member discount.
  • Internet Service Discounts
    • You may qualify for discounted monthly high-speed internet service during COVID-19.



Expert care from home

  • 24/7, visit a board-certified doctor with your phone or other internet device through Teladoc
  • Bright Heart Health – online treatment for opioid addiction
  • Nurse Advice Line – speak to a nurse any time, day, or night, 24/7/365



Connect in the Community

  • Molina Help Finder
    • Free help finding sources for transportation, housing, job training, education and more.
  • Transition out of incarceration
    • With support from our Community Connectors, to find housing, transportation, school, work and more.



Health, Nutrition & Fitness Support through My Molina Healthy Lifestyles Program



Behavioral Health & Recovery Support

  • Pyx Health App
    • A combination of a comforting app & compassionate staff offers 24/7 support for loneliness & anxiety.
  • Bright Heart Health
    • Receive expert care online from doctors, counselors, and recovery specialists.



Benefits For Your Convenience

  • DentistLink 
    • Connect to a local dentist who accepts Apple Health coverage.
  • 90-day Prescription Refills
    • Save time and receive a 90-day refill on your long-term medications



*Benefit is available to all Apple Health (Medicaid) members