Payment Assist

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Make a fast and secure one-time payment at any time without needing to setup a member account

New Mexico Payments

To help make a premium payment for a New Mexico Member, visit or call BeWellnm at (833) 862-3935.

Register your client for autopay via their My Molina portal. Note: each member needs to create their own account, and they need to use a unique email address as their username. Their My Molina account is linked to their Subscriber ID number.

Help them pay over the phone by calling Member Services

Additional Ways to Pay

Pay by MoneyGram

Find a MoneyGram location nearby and bring the Receive Code: 14352 and Biller Name: Molina Healthcare of CA

Pay by Mail

Send the check and payment form that came with their invoice to (populate state mailing information.)

Pay by Bill Pay

Login to your bank's website and pay Molina Healthcare through the "Bill Pay" option. Use your subscriber ID as the account number.