R. How do I change my child’s primary care provider (PCP)?

A. There are two ways you can change your child’s PCP.

  1. Go to www.mymolina.com and follow the instructions. If you have not registered for MyMolina yet, you can do it online today.
  2. You can also call Member Services.


R. What drugs are covered? Are my drugs covered?

A. To find out what drugs are covered under your child’s plan, view the Molina Healthcare Drug List (Formulary) in “What’s Covered”.

Q. How do I find out if a health care service or benefit is covered?

A. Go to “What’s Covered”. You can also call Member Services.

Q. How can I get Molina Healthcare material translated in my preferred language?

A. If you need your health plan information in a different language or format, call Member Services.

Q. What kind of transportation do I get? I need help with transportation.

A. Go to “What’s Covered” to find out what transportation services are covered. You can also call Member Services.

Q. How do I keep my information up-to-date?

A. Let Molina Healthcare and your county caseworker know if there is any updates to your address, phone number, email address, other insurance coverage or if you are pregnant or have a newborn baby. Visit www.MyMolina.com to update your information or call Member Services.