You Matter to Molina


 you matter to Molina


Molina Healthcare of Florida’s “You Matter to Molina” program prioritizes connecting directly with our network and supporting your efforts to deliver high-quality and efficient health care for Molina members.

Through the “You Matter to Molina” program, we have a dedicated Provider Service Team to intake and resolve your questions or issues and solicit input and feedback from you, our network providers and administrative staff, about ways Molina can improve our technology, tools and process to minimize administrative hurdles and better support you.

Molina is committed to partnering with our network providers to work together to solve problems quickly and efficiently as to why we have taken the initiative to specifically design new solutions to simplify ways for providers to engage with the health plan.

We want this page to serve as a resource and place to:

  • Link directly to our archive of Provider Bulletins
  • Find the current calendar of training opportunities (this will be updated frequently)
  • Have access to Molina’s presentations from provider trade association meetings/conferences and Molina provider network training materials
  • Have the opportunity to give us feedback. Do you have a training idea? Is there a pain-point you’re experiencing? Did you have an exceptional experience with a Molina Provider Services Representative or other Molina team member and want to share kudos? Do you love the Provider Bulletin, and think we can make it even better? Click on the survey link(s) below and give us your feedback at any time.

What do we do with all that feedback, you ask? No, it doesn’t go into a black hole…we discuss it within Molina and determine whether or not action can be taken—if we can take action, we will—and then we’ll tell you about it in the success stories section below and/or in the You Matter to Molina Corner of the Provider Bulletin.

YMTM Provider Servicing and Networking Escalation List