Notice of Privacy Practices - Summary – New Mexico

Your privacy is important to us. We respect and protect Your privacy. Molina uses and shares Your information to provide You with health benefits. Molina wants to let You know how Your information is used or shared.

Your Protected Health Information

PHI means protected health information. PHI is health information that includes your name, Member number, date of birth, address, phone number or other identifiers, and is used or shared by Molina.

Why does Molina use or share our Member's PHI?

  • To provide for your treatment
  • To pay for your health care
  • To review the quality of the care you get
  • To tell you about your choices for care
  • To run our health plan
  • To use or share PHI for other purposes as required or permitted by law. Examples include for public health and health care oversight purposes.

When does Molina need your written authorization (approval) to use or share your PHI? Molina needs your written approval to use or share your PHI for purposes not listed above.

What are Your privacy rights?

  • You can look at Your PHI
  • You can get a copy of Your PHI
  • You can amend Your PHI
  • You can ask Us to not use or share Your PHI in certain ways.  Examples include restrictions on sharing Your PHI with family members or certain other persons
  • You can get a list of people or places We have given Your PHI

How does Molina protect Your PHI?

Molina uses many ways to protect PHI.  This includes written or spoken PHI.  It includes PHI in a computer. Here are some ways Molina protects PHI:

  • We have policies and rules to protect PHI.
  • We limit who may see PHI. Only Molina staff who need to know PHI may use it.
  • Our staff is trained on how to protect and secure PHI.
  • Our staff must agree in writing to follow the rules and policies that protect and secure PHI
  • We secure PHI in Our computers. PHI in Our computers is kept private with firewalls and passwords.

The above is only a summary. Our Notice of Privacy Practices has more information about how we use and share our Members’ PHI. Our Notice of Privacy Practices is included in this welcome kit. You may also get a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices by calling our Member Services at the toll-free number on your ID card.

The Notice has more information about how we use and share your PHI.

We will be happy to answer your questions as a member of Molina Healthcare.  You may contact our Member Services Department Toll-Free at the phone number listed in the Notice of Privacy Practices for your program.