About Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as the Exchange in some states) is a one-stop shop for low-cost health insurance. Depending on your income, the government pays for some of your Marketplace insurance. Molina offers Marketplace health plans in nine states across the country. View Molina Marketplace plans.

What is the Health Insurance Exchange?

What is the Marketplace?

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a website where you can compare different health plans all in one place, like you might compare different kinds of bread at the grocery store. You can search for plans by your income, family size or health care needs.

The Marketplace is an outcome of the Affordable Care Act, also known as health care reform or Obamacare. It was created as a simple way for people and small businesses to buy affordable health care coverage.

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Who is Marketplace for?

Anyone can sign up for Marketplace and many people can get help from the government to pay for their Marketplace insurance. Molina offers Marketplace as well as Medicaid plans. This makes Molina a great choice for those who have been on Medicaid in the past, or have a family member on one of our health plans.