Patient Education Brochures

Learn how to stay healthy. Molina Medicare offers the following brochures at NO COST to you that you can download and print yourself. These brochures have information on a range of health topics. You can learn more about how you can stay healthy.


Molina Newsfeed - FAQs

What is the Molina Newsfeed?
Molina Healthcare is offering a mobile communication service called Molina Newsfeed. This will deliver account, service and/or product information from Molina Healthcare with ease and convenience - whenever you need it.

How do I get back to the Molina Newsfeed?
If you cannot find your Molina Newsfeed, return to the original text message from 73529 and click on link provided. This will send you back to your Molina Newsfeed.

What are the benefits of the Molina Newsfeed?
Molina Newsfeed is a mobile communication service that helps you receive information with ease and convenience - whenever you need it. The Molina Newsfeed allows us to deliver an added level of service to you through proactive, personalized, and timely communications.

What are the types of communications I may receive?
You might receive account, service, product information, and more.

Am I charged for any notifications I receive on my mobile phone?
No, this is a free service. Depending on your mobile plan, standard message and data rates may apply.

Can I opt out of mobile notifications?
Yes. You are in complete control of this service and you can stop at any time. To turn off this service, text STOP to Molina Newsfeed 73529.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
Molina Healthcare Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Molina Healthcare Member Services
(800) 665-3086 (TTY: 711)
Notice of Non-Discrimination and Language Assistance Services


Monthly Health Planner

Molina Healthcare Medicare offers the following monthly planner at NO COST to you that you can download and print yourself. The planner has information on a range of monthly health topics. You can also use it to keep track of your medication list, doctors appointments, any questions you may have, and save your doctors phone numbers.

Monthly Health Planner - Choice Care 

Monthly Health Planner - Complete Care 

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