Molina Medicare Videos

Molina has made videos to help you get the most out of your plan with us. Some links will send you to a video and other links will take you to a new page.  The new page may have a video and other helpful information.


Care Connections   

Molina health experts talk about our Care Connections team of nurse practitioners who can make yearly health checks in your home or online, order tests and check your medicines.

 Care Connections video Care Connections video (English)



Watch a video for caregivers and people needing care.  You can also visit where you can find helpful tips, resources and forms.

Molina caregiving for members and caregivers Molina caregiving for members and caregivers (English)


Guided Care               

Hear from our doctors and nurse practitioners as they talk about Guided Care and the personalized plan to manage your illness or chronic condition.

Molina Guided Care video Molina Guided Care video (English)


Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Molina doctors and nurse practitioners talk about what hypertension is and how to manage it.

 Hypertension Help for Medicare Members Hypertension Help for Medicare Members (English)



Learn more about your MyChoice card and how to best use your supplemental benefits.

MyChoice video

 MyChoice video (English)  

 MyChoice video (Spanish)



Healthy You (Senior Whole Health)           

Learn more about your Healthy You card and how to best use your supplemental benefits.                                 

Medicare training for Healthy You supplemental benefit debit card

 Medicare training for Healthy You supplemental benefit debit card(English) 

  Spanish – coming soon



Onboarding for Molina

A 4-part series teaching about Medicare Advantage and how to use your plan.

Onboarding videos Onboarding videos (English) 

 Onboarding videos (Spanish)



How Do I? Series – Durable medical equipment (DME)

Durable medical equipment (DME) refers to various medical devices and equipment meant to assist you in your daily life. Watch this video to learn more about why DME is important and how to get it.

How Do I? DME

 How Do I? DME (English) 

 How Do I? DME (Spanish)



How Do I? Series – Prior Authorization (PA)                                                     

Prior Authorization is a process to make sure a specific medical treatment, test, durable medical equipment, or medication is medically necessary and covered by your health or drug plan. Watch this video to learn more about what PA is and why it is important for your care.

How Do I? DME

 How Do I? PA (English) 

 How Do I? PA (Spanish)