Molina Care Connections

Care Connections is a service offered by Molina Healthcare for Molina members. Our team of licensed Nurse Practitioners helps you take care of your health by meeting you where you are. Members who are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace plans can use Care Connections.

Our focus is on health, prevention, and flexibility. We want to improve your quality of life by creating personalized plans. These plans lower the chance of going to the hospital. This is especially important to those with serious or chronic health issues or those who may need help accessing care.

Our Concierge team will call new Molina Medicare members before a new plan year. They will help you schedule your first visit with our Nurse Practitioners. This visit will include an annual wellness check.

A Care Connections Nurse Practitioner will visit you at home, in a health care facility or through a telehealth video call. We work with your primary care provider (PCP) to diagnose illnesses, create a treatment plan, and order testing as needed. We can help educate you about existing prescriptions, including questions to ask your doctor. However, we cannot prescribe medications to you. We also check for existing conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. The Care Connections Nurse Practitioners want to understand all of your health and wellness needs to provide the best care.

For members who have recently been in a hospital, our Nurse Practitioners can meet to review any new medicines, or follow-up visits with your PCP or a specialist.

We always want to make a personal connection with you. Together, we can make better decisions about your health when we know more about you and your life outside of health care.

For scheduling questions about your upcoming Care Connections appointment, please call 844-491- 4763.

For questions about your Molina MyChart or connecting to a telehealth Care Connections visit, please call 844-812-7573.


Care Connections Notice of Privacy Practices Form ( English | Spanish )

Care Connections Patient Consent Form ( English | Spanish )