Updating your contact information is important.

Updating your contact information helps you stay informed about the great benefits you have with us. It also keeps your benefits active and avoids any loss in coverage. Visit to update your contact information with the state. 

How to Renew:

For Nevada Medicaid, you’ll get a renewal notice from the DWSS telling you it’s time to renew. There are 4 ways to renew:

  1. Online: Log in to:
    • Click -> Login
    • Enter-> Username and Password
    • Complete the necessary steps to submit your referral

  2. By Phone: DWSS, (800) 992-0900

  3. By Mail: Fill out the Medicaid Redetermination Form and return to:
    Document Imaging Center
    PO Box 15400
    Las Vegas, NV 89114

  4. In Person: See office locations at or call (800) 992-0900

There may be documents that you are required to return along with your application for renewal. Contact DWSS for Medicaid at (800) 992-0900.

For information about your coverage, please call us today at (833) 685-2116. We’re here to help!