How to Renew:

For Nevada Medicaid, you’ll get a renewal notice from the DWSS telling you it’s time to renew. There are 4 ways to renew:

  1. Online: Log in to:
    • Click -> Login
    • Enter-> Username and Password
    • Complete the necessary steps to submit your referral

  2. By Phone: DWSS, (800) 992-0900

  3. By Mail: Fill out the Medicaid Redetermination Form and return to:
    Document Imaging Center
    PO Box 15400
    Las Vegas, NV 89114

  4. In Person: See office locations at or call (800) 992-0900

There may be documents that you are required to return along with your application for renewal. Contact DWSS for Medicaid at (800) 992-0900.

For information about your coverage, please call us today at (833) 685-2116. We’re here to help!