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At Molina Healthcare, high quality health care comes first. We’re here to take care of your needs and help you control costs. We want you to be healthy and have access to excellent services. As our member, we think of you as family, and we want to take good care of you.

Easy Access to Great Care

Get familiar with your benefits and keep your health care costs on track. Learn More.

When Life Events Happen

We understand that changing or losing a job, getting married or having a child can affect your health plan. That’s why we help you adapt quickly. Learn more.

Ways to Pay

Understand your invoice and find the most convenient way to pay your premium.Learn More.

We Stand by Your Side

Our zero-cost programs guide you through everything from maternity to quitting cigarettes. Managing chronic disease to controlling your weight. Learn more.

Stay in Network

If you see a provider out of the Molina network, you will not be covered. By staying in network you’ll be covered, save money and feel better.

Give Us a Call

If you have any questions about your health plan, call Member Services at .


Easy Access to Great Care

Follow these three simple steps and make the most of your Molina health plan.
Register for My Molina
Manage your health care online 24/7. Use the portal to find a doctor, update your contact info, track office visits and more. It’s easy! Log in or Sign up now.
See What’s Covered
From office visits to lab services to prescription drugs, your health plan gives you many helpful benefits. Learn More.
Call us with your questions at .
Make Smart Decisions
Go to providers and hospitals in the Molina network. These health care providers (including pharmacies) have agreed to provide services and drugs under your plan’s terms. This way you can save money. Remember, your plan may cover preventive care and prescription drugs for free. Schedule your first doctor’s appointment. Get to know your PCP. This is your primary care provider.
You can search for in-network providers here.
You can find covered prescription drugs and pharmacies here.
Plus, take a look at the extra access you get with your health plan, here.

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When Life Events Happen


When work life or family life changes you can count on Molina Healthcare. We understand that losing or changing a job often means giving up a health care plan. It can also mean becoming eligible for government programs such as Medicaid.

To verify if you are eligible for Medicaid, call .
Changes to your health care benefits, like picking new benefits or choosing a new plan, can also happen when you:
- Get married, divorced or legally separated.
- Give birth or adopt a child.
- Lose your health coverage because of your spouse or domestic partner lost his or her job, or died.
To learn more about changes to your coverage and options available to you, call Member Services at .

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