How to Apply for Medicaid and CHIP

Molina Healthcare makes it easy to apply for Medicaid or CHIP. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to sign up to receive benefits.


  • How do I see if I am eligible for Medicaid or CHIP?


    • In order to receive Molina Healthcare’s Medicaid or CHIP coverage, you need to apply for and be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP.

    • Check your eligibility by:

    • Going to Your Texas Benefits: Use the prescreening tool to find out about benefits and services.
    • Call 2-1-1 (TTY: 7-1-1): Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, central time


    If you are eligible, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) will send you a letter in the mail to let you know.


    After you are eligible, you can sign up as a Molina Healthcare member.

What happens next?

  • Once you join the Molina Healthcare family, you will be mailed a:
    • Member Welcome Packet
    • Member ID Card: You will get this no later than 5 days after joining Molina.
  • Applying for Medicaid or CHIP is easy


      Follow the steps below to apply for Medicaid or CHIP and sign up to be a Molina Healthcare member.


    1. Apply for Medicaid or CHIP benefits by picking one of the options below:



    3. Check your mail and choose Molina Healthcare.


      After you’re approved, you’ll get an enrollment packet in the mail. You need to choose a health plan or the enrollment broker will choose one for you.


      Call the enrollment broker to join Molina:

      • CHIP: (800) 964-2777
      • STAR: (800) 964-2777
      • STAR+PLUS: (877) 482-6440
      • TTY: 7-1-1 (800) 735-2989

What can I do now?

  • Visit Members Website: You can learn more about the many programs and services we offer you and your family.
  • Learn more about My Molina: A member portal where you can manage your health care online.
  • Check our Staying Healthy page for information and tips on how to keep you and your family well.
  • Download our Molina Mobile App.