We work with Envolve Vision of Texas, Inc. to give you:

  • One eye exam every year
  • One pair of eyewear every year

Member Handbook
It tells you what you need to know about your CHIP (including CHIP Perinatal). You may get value-added services in your area. Read here.

How do members get care?
We work with Envolve Vision of Texas, Inc. to provide your vision services. Please call Envolve Vision of Texas, Inc. at (800) 537-6697 or Molina Healthcare Member Services for more information.

Dallas, Harris and Jefferson CHIP Services Area (CSA)
Molina Healthcare Member Services: (866) 449-6849

CHIP Rural Service Area (RSA)
Molina Healthcare Member Services: (877) 319-6826

You can find out about value-added benefits in your area. Call Member Services at (866) 449-6849 or (877) 319-6826.​​