woman using laptop - The Molina Blog - Important Medicaid Eligibility Reminder

July 20, 2023 / Molina Healthcare

Category: Health Insurance

It’s more important than ever to make sure your Medicaid eligibility is up to date. Why? Because it used to be that everyone had to renew Medicaid regularly. Then the pandemic hit. Renewals paused. And everyone stayed covered. Now renewals are back, and you need to ensure you still qualify! Read on to find out how.

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woman wearing glasses The Molina Blog - Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Mental Health Month

July 12, 2023 / Molina Healthcare

Category: Mental Health

Are you going through a tough time, feeling anxious, sad or showing signs of depression? It might be time to get professional help. Asking for help is hard. Sometimes you do not realize it, but your background and cultural identity shape the way you look at mental health.
This July, it is important to recognize the challenges that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities face in terms of mental health.


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