How to Enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace

July 28, 2021 / Molina Healthcare

How to Enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Open Enrollment: Some Basics

Whether you get coverage through your job or from the health insurance marketplace, the time you sign up is called the Open Enrollment Period. Though some states vary, Open Enrollment typically falls between November 1st and December 15th for coverage beginning January 1.

A good first step toward enrolling is to visit, or contact an insurer like Molina Healthcare at On the Molina website, fill in your zip code to check your eligibility.

Shopping for Tiers

If you qualify, you can search available health plans to find the best fit for what you need. Plans are divided into different tiers: bronze, silver and gold. Generally, bronze plans have low premiums and high deductibles and gold plans have the opposite.

When you find a plan that works for you, click Enroll and provide the information requested. If you have questions, you can call one of our agents to help you enroll.

Special Enrollment Period

Signing up ends when Open Enrollment does—unless you marry or move or experience another major life change. These events qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, when you can choose a different plan.

Still got questions? Lean on Molina. Learn more at

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