New Medicare cards are coming. Here are the details.

From April 2018 to April 2019, Medicare will send everyone who has Medicare a new card. Cards will have a secure new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) instead of a Social Security Number. Every MBI is unique.

Your new Medicare card won’t replace your Molina ID card. As always, when you need medical care, all you need to show is your Molina ID.

For more information, check the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Why is Medicare sending new cards? Identity theft is a problem that keeps growing. Medicare made the new cards to help protect you from it. New cards have MBIs in place of Social Security Numbers because MBIs were made to be more secure.

    But you should put your card in a safe place. Don’t share your Medicare card or give your Medicare information to anyone you don’t trust.
    When will I get my new card? Mailing starts in April 2018. But you may not get your card right away. If someone you know gets a new card before you, don’t worry. Mailing will keep going until April 2019.
    When I get my new Medicare card, should I destroy my old one? Yes. Cut up your old card and throw it away.
    Will I have to change how I use the new card? No. The new Medicare card will work the same way as the old card. It will just have a new, more secure number on it.
    Will Medicare call me before they send the new card? No. Medicare will never call to ask for personal information. If someone calls asking for personal Medicare information, do not give it to them.
    Will the new Medicare card replace my Molina ID Card? No, the new Medicare card WILL NOT replace the Molina ID card.
    Will Molina also send new cards? No. The Molina ID card you have now still works. When you need medical care, just show your Molina ID card.
    Can I get my new MBI number online? Yes, after new Medicare cards have been mailed, people on Medicare can go to to access information, print replacement cards and more.
    How will the new Medicare “MBI” card look?
    New MBI Card Old “Red, White, and Blue” Medicare Card
    The new Medicare card will be similar to the existing card with a slight change in look. It will contain all of the same information as the old card with the exception of the “sex” field and the “signature line”, which will no longer be included on the new Medicare card.

    For more details, go to To replace a Medicare card or change an address go to or call (800) 772-1213.