The following benefits are only available to Silver Plan Members
Emergency Medical Transportation
We cover Emergency transportation (ambulance), or ambulance transport services provided through the “911” emergency response system when Medically Necessary.
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
We cover non-Emergency medical transportation to medical facilities when your medical and physical condition does not allow you to take regular means of public or private transportation (car, bus, air, etc.). This requires that you also have a written prescription from your doctor. Examples of non-Emergency medical transportation include, but are not limited to, litter vans and wheelchair accessible vans. You must have Prior Authorization from Molina Healthcare for these services before the services are given.
Non-Emergency Non-Medical Transportation
Non-Emergency non-medical transportation is available if you are recovering from serious injury or medical procedure that prevents you from driving to a medical appointment. You must have no other form of transportation available. Your physician (PCP or Specialist Physician) confirms that you require non-Emergency non-medical transportation to and from an appointment on a specified date.
Non-Emergency non-medical transportation for Members to medical services can be supplied by a passenger car, taxi cabs, or other forms of public/private transportation. Call at least two to three working days before your appointment to arrange this transportation.
If you need non-Emergency non-medical transportation, please call your PCP or Molina Healthcare’s Customer Support Center to see if you qualify for these services. You must have Prior Authorization to get these services before the services are given.