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Hurricane Dorian


Please note the following special instructions for those affected by hurricane forecasts and potential evacuations.




For assistance with any MOLINA HEALTHCARE OF FLORIDA service related issues, please call our Member Services toll free number at (866) 472-4585 for Medicaid and (866) 473-8293 for Molina Dual Options PLUS; or (888) 560-5716 for Marketplace or the Nurse Advice Line at 1-888-275-8750 (English); 1-866-648-3537 (Spanish); 711 (TTY). Member Services will assist you with resolving issues preparing for the storm, prescription coverage or finding providers and/or in the event you are displaced. You may go the nearest Emergency Room if you have an urgent need for medical care.


If MOLINA HEALTHCARE OF FLORIDA (MFL) members need prescriptions filled:

• If MOLINA HEALTHCARE OF FLORIDA members are unable to obtain prescriptions(s) at their regular pharmacy location, they can obtain prescriptions at other pharmacy locations.

  • For example, if you are moved from your home due to the storm and need to fill a prescription, you may access other contracted pharmacies or you can visit CVS, Navarro, CVS y Mas in other locations. You can find a list of participating pharmacies by visiting our online provider directory.
    • If you go to a new pharmacy that is a part of the same chain of pharmacies, the new pharmacy will be able to access your records. If you forgot your prescriptions, you can ask for an early refill.
    • If you go to a different contracted pharmacy chain, you can bring your prescription container(s) to the new pharmacy or have your doctor contact the new pharmacy. If your regular pharmacy is open, the new pharmacy can contact the regular pharmacy to transfer the prescription(s).
    • For certain medications, such as some controlled substance prescriptions, a new prescription from a doctor will be necessary.


YOU MAY ALSO CALL THE NURSE ADVICE LINE AT 1-888-275-8750 (English); 1-866-648-3537 (Spanish); 711 (TTY) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


As Florida prepares for Hurricane Dorian, and in light of the state of emergency declared by Governor DeSantis as of 08/28/2019, Molina Healthcare of Florida (Molina) would like to offer important information that providers may find useful during or after the storm.

Molina providers are reminded to continue providing critical Medicaid services that are life sustaining (examples include: durable medical equipment and supplies, home health services, hospital services, nursing facility services, chemotherapy, dialysis services, etc.) (herein referred to as critical Medicaid services) during the disaster period., including those that may need prior authorization, regardless of prior authorization status. Authorization requirements have been lifted for members in the impacted counties effective immediately to coincide with the Governor’s State of Emergency notification and will remain in effect until the state of emergency has been lifted.

IF MOLINA HEALTHCARE OF FLORIDA providers need assistance:

Please call Molina’s toll free number at (855) 322-4076 to reach a Customer Service representative, for any service related issues during the storm and/or in the event continued care is necessary while the member is displaced after the storm.

For Behavioral Health related issues, please contact Beacon Health Options at (855) 371-3945.

For Outpatient Therapy related issues, (MMA, MP, MCR, Comprehensive members ) please contact American Therapy Administrators (ATA-HN1) at (888) 550-8800. For Long-Term Care members contact Molina Healthcare.

For non-emergency transportation related issues, please contact Access2Care Transportation at:

·         MMA/LTC Members: (888) 298-4781

·         Medicare Members: (888) 276-4781

IF MOLINA HEALTHCARE OF FLORIDA providers lose internet connectivity:

Please make a note of the information below, in the event your office experiences an extended loss of internet connectivity following the storm.


Web Portal users submitting claims via Molina’s Web Portal, and EDI clearinghouse users may submit paper claims to the address(es) below.

Medicaid and Marketplace claims address:
Molina Healthcare of Florida
PO Box 22812
Long Beach, CA 90801

Medicare claims address:
Molina Healthcare of Florida
PO Box 22811
Long Beach, CA 90801


Web Portal users verifying eligibility via Molina’s Web Portal may contact Customer Service at (855)322-4076 to utilize the self-service IVR phone system or speak to a representative for assistance.
For additional information regarding this communication, please contact Provider Services at (855) 322-4076


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