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Molina Healthcare of New York Medicaid Managed Care (MMC)

Molina Healthcare of New York, Inc.'s MMC plan offers comprehensive, no-cost health coverage for eligible residents in participating counties There are no monthly payments; however, there may be co-pays for some prescription drugs. Please refer to the Medicaid Member Handbook or call our Member Service Department at (800) 223-7242 (TTY:TDD: 711) for information on participating counties.


Molina Healthcare PLUS

The Molina Healthcare PLUS program is designed for eligible Molina Healthcare members over the age of 21 with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) and Substance Abuse Disorders (SUD). The Molina Healthcare plan is a collaboration of Molina Healthcare, Beacon Health Options and Health Homes to help manage chronic conditions and promote resiliency and recovery for individuals with SMI and SUD. New York state determines which members are eligible.​​​


Child Health Plus (CHPlus)

CHPlus is a free or low-cost health insurance plan for eligible children who are under the age of 19. Children under the age of 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have limited or no health insurance may be eligible for CHPlus. If your family income is high, you may still qualify for CHPlus. Please refer to our Member Handbook or call our Member Services Department at (800) 223-7242 (TTY/TDD:711) or for information on participating counties.


Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is available through NY State of Health and is now offered through Molina Healthcare. Essential Plan is a no-deductible health insurance option for lower income New Yorkers. Please refer to the Essential Plan Subscriber Agreements or call our Member Services Department at (800) 223-7242 (TTY/TDD:711) for information on participating counties.

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