Plan Materials

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Find all of your important member materials, in your language, in one place.

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Evidence of Coverage

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The EOC explains your ​rights, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of Molina Medicare Options Plus (HMO). It also explains your responsibilities to you.​

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Summary of Benefits / Directories

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The Summary of Benefits provides you with a complete outline of your plan. The Directories will help connect you to providers in your community.​

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Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Chart

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This table shows you what your monthly plan premium will be if you get extra help from Medicare in paying certain prescription drug costs.​

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Am I Eligible?

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Find out if you're eligible for Molina Healthcare.

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How to Enroll

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Find out how to enroll in Molina Healthcare Medicare.​


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After Enrolling

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Once you've enrolled you will receive all of your new member information informing you about your new health care benefits.

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