Path to Wellness for Children

Keep you child on a healthy path. Well-child checkups with your primary care provider (your main doctor) or pediatrician are important to help make sure your child is healthy. Visits with your child's doctor can find problems early and treat them before they get worse.


Watch for important stops along the way. Start Here: Well-Child Checkup Your child's health care provider will examine your child, measure their height and weight, and provide vaccinations (shots). Shots are a safe way to prevent serious diseases. 1 Month Get a vaccination (shot) card. 2 Months Get six recommended shots. 4 Months Get five recommended shots. 6 Months Get seven recommended shots. 12 - 24 Months (1 - 2 Years) Get nine recommended shots. 3 - 6 Years Get five recommended shots. Preteen Years and Adolescence (11 - 13 Years) Get four recommended shots. Stay on a healthy path. Many regular health care conditions can be handled over the phone in your home. This is called telehealth. Call your doctor to ask about options.