Stay Informed About Coronavirus

Updated June 13, 2023

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration ended on May 11th, 2023; however, COVID-19 may still cause illness. Visit CDC (Link) and WA DOH page (Link) to stay updated on ongoing transition, tools and resources to keep you, your family and community safe and protected.


Get your COVID-19 questions answered:

You may call our 24-hour nurse line at (888) 275-8750 (TTY 711) for advice. Open seven days a week.


COVID-19 Vaccine Information    

Data has shown that COVID-19 vaccination and boosters are the best protection against infection and illness. Several COVID-19 Vaccines are available for people 6 months of age and older. Please consult with your doctor (healthcare provider) for recommendations related to vaccination and appropriate dosages.

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, please visit


COVID-19 Testing Information

COVID-19 testing at your doctor's office is covered by Molina.


Over The Counter COVID-19 Tests:

Check with your pharmacy for test kit related information.


Other testing resources:

Washington State in-person COVID-19 Testing locations and FAQs.

You may also visit: No-Cost COVID-19 Testing (