Provider Manual - South Carolina

Welcome to Molina Healthcare of South Carolina.

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Provider Orientation

You should have received a copy of your Molina Provider Manual, written specifically to address the contractual and regulatory requirements of delivering health care services to Molina Healthcare of South Carolina members.

The manual is designed to provide you with assistance in all areas of your practice, from making referrals to receiving payment for your services. In some cases you may have developed internal procedures that meet the standards set out in this manual. In these instances you do not need to change your procedures - as long as they adhere to the standards outlined in the manual.

The manual contains samples of the forms needed to fulfill your obligations under your Molina Healthcare contract. If you are already using forms that accomplish the same goals, you may not need to modify them. The sample forms are included to illustrate what is needed for appropriate documentation.
From time to time we will need to update and revise this manual as our policies or regulatory requirements change. All changes will be sent to you as additions or deletions to this manual. You simply need to replace old pages with the new ones.

We thank you for your active participation in the delivery of quality health care services to our members and look forward to working with you.
Although this manual contains a comprehensive summary of Molina Healthcare of South Carolina’s policies and procedures, additional protocols regarding plan administrative practices, full plan medical policies, and other detailed information are available to the provider upon request by calling the Molina Provider Services department at (855) 237-6178.