Mental Health

  • Apple Health (AH)

    Molina Healthcare covers lower intensity outpatient mental health (MH) services for mild-to-moderate mental health conditions including psychotherapy, psychological testing and medication management for AH members. If a Molina AH member needs higher intensity mental health services including inpatient mental health services, partial hospital programs and/or intensive outpatient programs, or substance use disorder (SUD) services, Molina will coordinate services with the local Behavioral Health Organization (BHO). Members can receive services through Molina while awaiting assessments and services through the BHO to ensure access to care.

    There is no “wrong door” for members to access MH services and they can self-refer at any time. However, Molina recommends members be connected to a primary care provider (PCP) who can assess members for mental health or substance use concerns and refer as needed. PCPs should support and encourage members toward recovery and educate them on the benefits of treating these conditions as well as the risks of not treating them.

    For more information on Molina’s AH covered behavioral health (BH) services. Click here to see what BH services require a prior authorization.

    Also see member-facing information on mental health services.