Go Cheap or Go Healthy? Choose both. | Eating Healthy On a Budget

March 11, 2021 / By Molina Healthcare

Go Cheap or Go Healthy? Choose both. | Eating Healthy On a Budget

Go cheap or go healthy? Choose both.

We all know eating right plays a very big part in making you feel your best—but so does having enough money to live on! Luckily, there are many ways you can be good to both your body and your budget. Just in time for National Nutrition Month, check out some of our favorite tips for saving money on a healthy diet:

  • Cook at home. No, it’s not as easy as ordering in but for the price of one or two restaurant dinners, you can feed a family of four. Bonus: you’ll know exactly what’s in your food—and can make it just how you want it.

  • Plan your menu ahead of time, take your shopping list with you and buy only what you need. Wandering through the aisles picking out groceries based on your mood leads to overspending and wasting food.


  • At the store, shop around the perimeter first. This is often where you’ll find whole foods.


  • Save 15-20% over name brand items by choosing store brands instead.


  • Is there a discount on something healthy? Buy it, a lot of it! This is a great rule of thumb for meat also: go with a choice that’s on sale and get enough for two or three meals. If you can’t use the extra now, freeze it.


  • Buy fruits and veggies when they’re in season. Local seasonal produce is reasonably priced at grocery stores and farmers markets.


  • If you want produce that’s not in season, buy canned or frozen versions. Read the labels and choose options without a lot of extra sugar or salt.


  • Join the rewards club at your store. You’ll get special prices on a great many items and coupons too.


  • Pay attention at checkout. Make sure you’re being charged the price that was advertised or posted on the shelf.


  • When you get home, use the most perishable items first to avoid wasting food—and money.


  • Stay motivated: calculate how much you save preparing your own meals for inspiration to keep up your health habits.


Here’s wishing you good health, physically and financially.

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