Happy National Doctors Day from Molina Healthcare

March 30, 2021 / By Molina Healthcare

Happy National Doctors Day from Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is proud to recognize National Doctors’ Day on March 30. Our mission to bring quality care to all who need it wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful network of skilled, caring doctors. But why did they choose the demanding field of medicine? Here are some of their answers:


Dr. Eric Huang, Molina Healthcare of California:

“As an immigrant, growing up and receiving compassionate care from community clinics showed me that quality health care shouldn’t depend on your income.”


Dr. Marina Claudio, Molina Healthcare of Illinois and Wisconsin:

“As a Medical Director at Molina Healthcare, I hope to make an impact on our members so that they could live their best and healthiest lives.”


Dr. Mark Greenwood, Molina Healthcare of Utah and Idaho:

“My dad was the town doctor. And watching him practice medicine, seeing the difference he made in the lives of our friends and neighbors, was very inspirational.”


Dr. Sasha Waring, Molina Healthcare of Washington:

“At Molina, I’m able to be a part of something larger: helping our over one million members in Washington to recover from mental health and substance use disorders.”


Dr. Ayo Gathing, Molina Healthcare of Texas:

“My goal is to help people with their mental health and mental wellness to improve the quality of their lives.”


Dr. Christopher Ballou, Molina Healthcare of South Carolina:

“My father and my grandfather really taught me a lot about what it means to be an educator and an advocate and a sympathetic ear to people who are going through significant issues.”


At Molina, we’re grateful for the incredibly hard work of doctors everywhere—and for a holiday that gives us the opportunity to celebrate them.