Bottled Water Sales Nearly Overtake Soda Sales in the U.S. — Good or Bad?

April 22, 2016 / James Knowles

As Americans become more health conscious, our food and beverage purchasing habits are shifting. Americans are drinking more bottled water than ever according to...

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The Big Health Benefits Behind Berries

April 15, 2016 / James Knowles

Berries are some of nature’s most effective — and tasty — health boosting treats that have a variety of benefits to our bodies. Recent studies are ...

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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy in a Digital World

April 08, 2016 / James Knowles

While many of us spend a large part of our day staring at smartphones, tablets, e-readers and computer screens, most people probably aren’t aware of the ...

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World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

April 01, 2016 / Abby Cohen

World Health Day 2016 : Beat Diabetes

April 7 is World Health Day. Since 1950, the World Health Organization (WHO) has used...

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The Best Diet for Health and Longevity

March 25, 2016 / Amritha Roser

Scientific evidence suggests that the best diet for health and longevity is mostly plant based.

What is a plant based diet?


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