After Enrolling

What happens after I enroll with Virginia Medicaid?

After you enroll in Virginia Medicaid, you will be enrolled into Cardinal Care Managed Care.

Getting started with Cardinal Care Managed Care

We are glad to have you as a new member! After you join Molina Healthcare Cardinal Care Managed Care, we will call you to review some very important information. You can ask us any questions you have or get help making appointments. If you need to speak to us right away or before we can contact you, call Member Services at (800) 424-4518 (TTY 711).

Once you’re enrolled in Molina Healthcare Cardinal Care Managed Care, it’s important to:

  1. Complete your Cardinal Care health screening.
    • This short health screening will help your Care Manager understand your or your child’s health to determine your needs. This will help us to know what services and tools will benefit you the most. The screening should take you about 15 minutes to complete.
      Adult Health Screening
      Child Health Screening
    • Mail the completed form to:
      Molina Healthcare
      3829 Gaskins Rd
      Richmond, VA 23233-1437
    • If you don’t understand the questions or need help with the form, call us at (800) 424-4518 (TTY 711). You can also ask for the form in a different language if you need it.
    • If you prefer to take your health screening over the phone, call us at (800) 424-4518 (TTY 711).
  2. Review your new member welcome kit.
    • You’ll get a new member welcome kit in the mail. It has important information about your benefits and where to find your Member Handbook, Formulary and member rights and responsibilities.
  3. Set up an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP).
    • Call your PCP’s office to set up an appointment. Regular checkups can help you stay healthy. You can call Member Services at (800) 424-4518 (TTY 711) if you need help making an appointment, or finding a primary care provider. If you need help getting to the doctor, we can help with that too!
  4. Review your Cardinal Care Member Handbook and our website.
    • Your Member Handbook has all the information you need to know about your benefits. You can view a copy online or ask for a copy to be mailed to you if you need it.
    • Explore our website to get to know Molina. You can learn about your benefits, search for a provider, review your rights and responsibilities, find member forms and more.
  5. Meet your Care Manager (if applicable).
    • We will send you a letter with your Care Manager's name and contact information. They will call you to talk and get to know you. They will help you create a care plan based on your personal desires and health goals.
    • Your Care Manager will help you with your transition to Molina. They will make sure you continue to get the services and medications you need.