Program Evaluation and Revision


The Quality Improvement Program Description and Work Plan govern the program structure and activities for a period of one calendar year. At least annually, the QI Department will facilitate a formal evaluation of the QI Program. Evaluation of all quality activities will include a description of limitations and barriers to improvements.

The annual QI evaluation identifies the outcomes and includes the following areas:

  • Evaluates the results of each QI activity implemented during the year and identifies quantifiable improvements in care and service.
  • Where available, includes a trended indicator report and brief analysis of changes in trends and improvement actions taken as a result of the trends.
  • Identifies opportunities to strengthen member safety activities.
  • Evaluates resources, training, scope, and content of the program and practitioner participation.
  • Identifies limitations and barriers and makes recommendations for the upcoming year, including the identification of activities that will carry over into next year.
  • Evaluates the overall effectiveness of the QI Program.