Member Rights and Responsibilities

Member Rights

  • Get information about the health plan, its services, its providers, and members' rights and responsibilities.
  • To make recommendations regarding the members' rights and responsibilities policies.
  • Get care by all staff, doctors and nurses who work for the Plan in a polite manner.
  • To be treated with respect with recognition of your dignity and right to privacy.
  • Take part with your doctors in decision making about your health care.
  • Talk about your treatment options regardless of cost or coverage.
  • Get facts on all health services and how to locate and use them.
  • Get a fair and timely reply to requests for service.
  • All covered services listed in the Member Handbook.
  • Voice complaints or appeals about the health plan and the care received.
  • Expect that your health information is kept private by Molina and by all doctors and health care workers to the extent of state and federal laws.
  • Ask how your doctor is paid.


Member Responsibilities

  • Provide the plan and it's providers with the necessary information needed to care for you.
  • Know, understand, and follow the terms and conditions of the health plan.
  • Seek out information in order to make use of the services.
  • Begin and continue a patient-physician relationship.
  • Learn about your medical condition and its importance to your health care.
  • Take part in decision-making about your health care.
  • Follow the plans and instructions for care that you have agreed upon with your provider.
  • Call and make appointments with your provider.

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