Provider Mailings


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 Provider bulletin: Update on Optum - Change Healthcare Outage March 2024 
 Provider bulletin: Update on Optum - Change Healthcare Outage March 2024
 Provider bulletin: Optum - Change Healthcare Outage February 2024
 Provider bulletin: Claims intake and payment contingency in process February 2024
November 2023 Monthly Provider Bulletin November 2023 
October 2023 Monthly Provider Bulletin October 2023
September 2023 Monthly Provider Bulletin September 2023
Q4 2023 Molina Prior Authorization Updates
August 2023 
Model of Care Training June 2023
Notification of Rapid Rise in Congenital Syphilis Cases May 2023 
Molina Marketplace - End of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
May 2023 
Molina Healthcare MI is sunsetting its Legacy Portal Today
May 2023 
Important Molina Prior Authorization Updates May 2023 
Important Molina Legacy Portal Updates
April 2023
Important Updates Regarding Overpayments Management, Medicare Expedited Appeals April 2023
Molina Healthcare of Michigan - April 2023 Updates April 2023 
Molina Sets New Page Number Limits for Clinical Information Submitted to Molina Via Fax  April 2023
New Molina Clinical Payment Policies Available Online March 2023 
Important Update - Molina Healthcare Legacy Provider Portal Sunset Delayed 
March 2023 
Prior Authorization PA Updates Effective April 1, 2023
March 2023
Molina is Contracting for Doula Services Now Covered by Medicaid  March 2023
Tobacco Cessation Program Information  March 2023 
Important - How to Request Prior Authorization From Molina Cardiology Management Partner New Century Health  March 2023 
New Enhancement to the Availity Essentials Provider Portal Prior Authorization Requests for Medicare  February 2023 
Molina Prior Authorization Codes for First Quarter 2023 Updated to Reflect Partnership with New Century Health February 2023
Reminder - Appointment Access Requirements  January 2023 
Provider Newsletter Fourth Quarter Edition  December 2022 
Molina Legacy Provider Portal Now Exclusively through Availity  December 2022 
Prior Authorization Updates  Effective January 1st  December 2022 
Molina Partners with Cardiology Quality Management Vendor New Century Health December 2022
Molina Healthcare Launches 2022 Provider Satisfaction Survey  November 2022 
Prior Authorization Restored for DME and Home Infusion Supplies  November 2022 
Incentives Available for Chlamydia Screening  November 2022 
REMINDER - Model of Care Provider Training 2022 Fax Blast November 2022 
Update regarding misdirected Molina claim submissions Fax Blast  November 2022 
Provider Satisfaction Survey Reminder Fax Blast  October 2022 
Molina Makes Changes to Reduce Prior Authorization Request Processing Delays Fax Blast  October 2022 
Change Healthcare Payment Migration with ECHO Health Fax Blast  October 2022 
REMINDER - Model of Care Provider Training 2022 Fax Blast  September 2022 
Molina Q4 2022 Prior Authorization Updates Fax Blast 
September 2022 
New Availity Essentials Provider Portal Training and Functionality Fax Blast  August 2022 
Molina Partners with Healthmap Solutions for Kidney Population Health Management Fax Blast  August 2022 
New Enhancement to the Availity Essentials Provider Portal Prior Authorization Requests Fax Blast  August 2022 
Molina Will Adhere to MDHHS Policy for QAS Payment Adjustments Fax Blast August 2022 
Urgent Action Required If Not Set Up For Electronic Funds Transfer Fax Blast  August 2022 
COVID Monoclonal Antibody Infusions Information Fax Blast  July 2022 
Molina Updates and Reminders Regarding Pregnant, Postpartum Women Fax Blast  July 2022 
Important Notice to Molina Provider Partners Regarding ProviderNet Portal Outage Fax Blast  July 2022 
Availity Essentials - Additional Training Sessions Fax Blast  July 2022 
Molina Clinical Services Advanced Imaging Update - Medicaid Fax Blast  July 2022 
2022 Molina Model of Care Training Notification Blast Fax  July 2022 
Molina Healthcare's Provider Newsletter Second Quarter Edition Has Been Posted Fax Blast  June 2022
Molina Adjusts Prior Authorization Requirements to Comply With Senate Bill 412 Fax Blast June 2022
Update on True Matrix Meter Coverage for Molina Medicaid Members Fax Blast June 2022 
Third Quarter Prior Authorization Updates Fax Blast June 2022
EFT Registration Notice Fax Blast June 2022
REMINDER - Molina Healthcare Marketplace Authorization Fax Number Update Fax Blast May 2022 
Notification of Rapid Rise in Congenital Syphilis Cases Fax Blast May 2022
Molina Prior Authorizations - Contact Information Fax Blast May 2022
Molina Expands Pharmacy Benefit Coverage for Continuous Glucose Monitors and Supplies Fax Blast March 2022
Molina Will Resume Sequestration Reduction for Medicare Payment Effective April 1, 2022 Fax Blast March 2022
Notification Regarding Medicaid Chiropractic Claims Fax Blast March 2022
Notification Regarding Molina Prior Authorization Lookup Tool Fax Blast March 2022
Update on Denials of Claims for MIHP Services Fax Blast March 2022
Oxygen Medical Certification Fax Blast March 2022
Important Information Regarding ASC Billing Requirements Fax Blast February 2022
Molina Legacy Provider Portal Information Fax Blast January 2022 
Change to Bowel Preparation Product Coverage Fax Blast January 2022
Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) Revisions Fax Blast January 2022
2021 Month
 Notification of Prior Authorization Updates Effective 1-1-22 Fax Blast December 2021

New Molina Medicare Products Notification Fax Blast

Provider notification regarding new gap in care alerts Fax Blast

Model of Care Reminder for Providers Fax Blast 

November 2021

November 2021

September 2021 

3-month Prescription Fills Fax Blast  September 2021 
Prior Authorization Services will be Available via Availity Soon Fax Blast  September 2021 
Provider Notification of eviCore Deimplementation and Prior Authorization Changes Fax Blast September 2021 
Medicare Behavioral Health Fax Blast  September 2021 
2021 Provider Satisfaction Survey Fax Blast  September 2021 
Pharmacy PA Operation Change Fax Blast  September 2021 
Oxygen Medical Certification Fax Blast  August 2021 
Prior Authorizations within Availity Web Portal Fax Blast  August 2021 
COVID-19 Vaccine Member Incentive Fax Blast  August 2021 
Ordering Referring Attending Encounter Rejection Fax Blast  August 2021 
Updated Fax Number Provider Notification of eviCore Deimplementation 30 day Fax Blast  August 2021 
Optum Prepayment Claims Review Fax Blast  August 2021 
Provider Notification of eviCore Deimplementation 30 day Fax Blast  July 2021 
Telehealth Billing Reminders Fax Blast  July 2021 


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