Quality Improvement Program Objectives

 QIP objectives direct personnel, activities, and resources to achieve Program goals. Written objectives address:

  • Activities planned,
  • Methodologies,
  • Persons responsible, and
  • Time frames for meeting each objective

Objectives are developed and established annually with consideration given to:

  • Important aspects of care and service provided by Molina Healthcare.
  • Objectives identified from ongoing and annual evaluation.,
  • Changes in policies, procedures, benefits or product offerings.
  • Changes in member demographics and epidemiological characteristics.
  • Recommendations made by NCQA, Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), practitioners, practitioner groups, and members.
  • Contractually mandated improvement activities that address state-wide QI goals
  • National, state, and local public health goals.
  • Identified "Best Practices".
  • Delegated activities and delegates' performance.
  • Member and provider satisfaction data.
  • Network changes.
  • Ability to achieve meaningful improvement with available resources.

QIP objectives are reviewed and revised annually or more frequently as needed. Specific activities are identified to support the achievement of the objectives. These activities are tracked and are recorded in an annual QI Work Plan. (APPENDIX A)