Provider Credentialing Rights

Molina Healthcare has a duty to protect its members by assuring the care they receive is of the highest quality. One protection is assurance that our providers have been credentialed according to state and federal regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Your responsibility, as a Molina Healthcare provider, includes full disclosure of all issues and timely submission of all credentialing and re-credentialing information.

Molina Healthcare also has a responsibility to its providers to assure the credentialing information it reviews is complete and accurate.

It is important for Providers to ensure Molina has accurate practice and business information. Accurate information allows us to better support and serve our Provider Network and Members.

Maintaining an accurate and current Provider Directory is a State and Federal regulatory requirement, as well as an NCQA© required element. Invalid information can negatively impact Member access to care, Member assignments and referrals. Additionally, current information is critical for timely and accurate claims processing.

Providers must validate the Provider Online Directory (POD) information at least quarterly for correctness and completeness. Providers must notify Molina in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance, when possible, of changes such as, but not limited to:

  • Change in office location(s), office hours, phone, fax, or email
  • Addition or closure of office location(s)
  • Addition or termination of a Provider (within an existing clinic/practice)
  • Change in Tax ID and/or NPI
  • Opening or closing your practice to new patients (PCPs only) 
  • Any other information that may impact Member access to care

Please visit our Provider Online Directory at to validate your information. Please notify your Provider Services Representative or contact our Provider Services department at (877) 872-4716 if your information needs to be updated or corrected.

Please contact your Provider Services Department for further information regarding Provider Credentialing and Provider Credentialing Rights at (877) 872-4716.​