You already get core benefits like doctor visits, maternity care, and prescriptions with our Medicaid health plan—all at no cost. But Molina has even more ways to help you stay healthy and save money.

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Value-Added Benefits and Services

    • Free Healthy Rewards Program: Gift cards for completing various annual visits and screenings for eligible members.
    • Free access to community resources on health, financial support, education, emergency resources, legal support, housing, employment opportunities, transportation, and food security.
    • Free wireless service for eligible members
    • Free transportation services to food banks, grocery stores, farmers market, WIC appointments, job training and interviews, and more! 
    • Free long-term care caregiver transportation for eligible members (4 one-way trips)
    • Free home delivered meals for members who have been discharged from the hospital.
    • Free pregnancy rewards program: Gift cards for car seats, formula, diapers, wipes, and pack-n-play.
    • Free annual community baby shower events and education for eligible members
    • Free Doula services for eligible members (8 Doula visits)
    • Free home delivered meals for high-risk pregnant women
    • Free over-the-counter-pharmacy products ($30 worth of items every three months)
    • Free smoking cessation products for eligible members
    • Free online WW (Weight Watchers)
    • Free sponsored membership fees for members under the age of 19 to Can Play
    • Free HSED exam vouchers
    • Free gift card for passing HSED exam
    • Free assistance to secure legal guardianship for eligible members (up to $500 per eligible member)



    Your rewards
    How do I use the card?

    Depending on the category you selected when you completed your member form, you can spend your rewards:

    Use the Store Finder at to find stores where you can buy eligible items.

    Shop for items online at Checkout using your card details.

    At the Pump
    Pay for gas ONLY at the pump.

    This card cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or used at an ATM to get cash or anywhere that you could receive cash from your transaction. Healthy Behavior Rewards can be used to buy:

    What can I buy?

    Baby items (only eligible through earned Pregnancy Care rewards)
    Infant diapers, toddler pull-ups, Baby wipes
    Baby formula, Pack-n-play* ,Car seat*
    *Can only be purchased online or in-store at Walmart
    Food (same as eligible foods through SNAP (food stamp/ EBT) benefits)

    Over-the-counter health and wellness items:
    Allergy, sinus, cold & flu
    Oral health Diabetes care Digestive health Eye & eye care
    First aid
    Foot care
    Incontinence products
    Pain relief
    Sun & skin care
    Support, braces, & wraps
    Smoking cessation products
    See full list here.

    Gas at the pump

    Earn More Rewards
    Complete the exams and screenings your primary care provider says you need based on your age, gender, and medical history. Then submit your completed member form by logging into your Member Portal.

    *Eligible items  may change. Visit for current eligible items.