Electronic Remittance Advice / Electronic Funds Transfer (ERA/EFT)

SWH of MA supports our Providers, and as such would like to highlight the many benefits ERA/EFT:

  • Providers get faster payment
  • Providers can search for a historical Explanation of Payment-EOP (aka Remittance Advice) by claim number, member name, etc.
  • Providers can view, print, download and save a PDF version of the Explanation of Payment for easy reference with no paperwork to store.
  • Providers can have files routed to their ftp and/or their associated clearinghouse.


  • Enrollment Information for ERA/EFT

    The document below provides step-by-step instructions on how to register with Change Healthcare/ECHO Health to receive electronic payments, remittance advices, and 835's. Any questions during this process should be directed to ECHO Health (888) 834-3511 or edi@echohealthinc.com.

    To register for EFT/835s, please go to https://enrollments.echohealthinc.com/efteradirect/molinaHealthcare.

    Register with Change Healthcare/ECHO Health

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Does SWH of MA offer Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

    Yes. SWH of MA offers ERA/EFT through Change Healthcare, who has contracted with ECHO Health for these services.  Please refer to the ERA/EFT enrollment information section for more information.


    Do I get charged for being configured for EFT through Change Healthcare/ECHO Health?

    No.  This is a FREE service for you to take advantage of.  SWH of MA covers any fees related to access to your payment information as well as the EFT payment.


    Why does registration for EFT/ERA require that I provide historical payment information from SWH of MA or with ECHO?

    This information is necessary to ensure that the person registering the Provider has the authority to do so and is aware of the Explanation of Payment-EOP (aka Remittance Advice) name and address information – while registering with ECHO.  (Please refer to the below FAQ if you do not have historical payment information from SWH of MA or with ECHO.)

    An initial payment to at least one Tax ID is necessary to become eligible for EFT thru ECHO Health.

    If the Provider has multiple NPIs associated to one Tax ID, then only one affiliation needs a paper check number or ECHO draft number.

    If the Provider has multiple Tax IDs, then each Tax ID would need a minimum of one paper check from SWH of MA or ECHO draft number.

    I do not have a SWH of MA payment number or an ECHO draft number. How do I register for EFT?

    If you do not have a SWH of MA check number or ECHO draft number from another payer, please contact ECHO Customer Support at (888) 834-3511 for assistance.  They can help register you for EFT using their alternative EFT registration process.


    I called ECHO Health, and they say I'm registered, but I'm still receiving paper checks or Virtual Cards?

    Ensure you have completed the following verification steps:

    Signed and returned an ACH Authorization form as well as a voided check or bank verification letter for the account you designated to receive your deposits to ECHO. It takes 24-48 hours for ECHO to process these documents once received.

    Verified that the bank account and routing information provided to ECHO is valid (this could possibly cause delays in finalizing of your set-up).

    Check the status of an EFT enrollment, by calling ECHO customer support at (888) 834-3511 or via email at edi@echohealthinc.com.

    How long does it take for pre-note approval?

    Up to 10 calendar days.


    Can I make a change to my bank account information on ECHO Health?

    Yes.  To change your bank information, contact ECHO customer support at (888) 834-3511.


    How long does it normally take for the EFT payment to get applied to my bank account (after I am a registered provider)?

    For verified bank accounts, the money is transferred within 5 business days of Molina’s payment process. Your bank may vary on when they release the funds into your account. Please check with your bank on specifics.


    How do I view my EOPs that are associated with the EFT payment now that I am no longer receiving the paper check?

    The EOPs and 835's are available to view and download on the ECHO Provider Payments website.

    How long does my EOP remain available on ProviderPayments.com for view/download/save?

    The EOP PDF will remain online for up to 24 months after original payment.


    If I have a Clearinghouse that manages my payables, can I have my (ERA) EDI 835 files go directly to them?

    Yes. You can specify your clearinghouse to receive 835 files when can complete the “Electronic Remittance Advice Information” section of the EFT application.

    If you have a clearinghouse currently and wish to change, you will need to contact ECHO customer support at (888) 834-3511 or via email at edi@echohealthinc.com.


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    Email:  edi@echohealthinc.com

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    Provider Portal Assistance
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