Senior Whole Health by Molina Healthcare (“SWH”) is partnering with Availity to help reduce administrative resources by eliminating paperwork and phone calls. Availity Essentials (formerly known as the Availity Portal) is a secure, multi-payer site where providers can check eligibility and benefits, manage claims, submit prior authorizations, and complete other secure administrative tasks for SWH.


Senior Whole Health Availity Introduction Letter

Availity Core Features Flyer

Claim Appeals QRG

MCG Cite AutoAuth Provider QRG 

MCG Cite AutoAuth Video (Provider would start Prior Authorization via the SWH Payer Space on Availity)

Availity Essentials Provider Portals Overview for Senior Whole Health Providers

Availity Secure Messaging from Claim Status

How to submit a Quick Claim 


Availity Training (must be logged into Availity Essentials before selecting the link)


Provider Overpayments

To request a claims retraction please utilize this form. A copy of overpayment letters sent to providers and all overpayment details are now available in the Availity Provider Portal. In the Overpayment Application section, providers can make an inquiry, contest an overpayment with supporting documentation, resolve an overpayment, or check status. This is Senior Whole Health's preferred method of communication.

Availity Provider Overpayments Guide


Availity Contact Number: (800) 282-4548 (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

Website: Availity.com/MolinaHealthcare

FAQs and Helpful Resources including training and registration help can be found on the right side of Availity.com/MolinaHealthcare