• 24 Hour Nurse Advice Line

    Members can call anytime they are experiencing symptoms or need health care information. Registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assess symptoms and help make good health care decisions.

    Senior Whole Health is committed to helping our members:

    • Prudently use the services of your office
    • Understand how to handle routine health problems at home
    • Avoid making non-emergent visits to the emergency room (ER)

    These registered nurses do not diagnose, they assess symptoms and guide the patient to the most appropriate level of care following specially designed algorithms unique to the Nurse Advice Line. The Nurse Advice Line may refer to the PCP, a specialist, 911 or the ER. By educating patients, it reduces costs and over utilization on the health care system.

    To speak to a nurse 24/7, members can call (888) 794-7268 (TTY 711).

  • Disease Management

    Breathe with Ease® Asthma Program

    SWH of MA provides an asthma disease management program called Breathe with Ease®, designed to assist Members in understanding their disease. Senior Whole Health has a special interest in asthma, as it is the number one chronic diagnosis for our Members. This program was developed with the help of several community Providers with large asthma populations. The program educates the Member and family about asthma symptom identification and control. Our goal is to partner with you to strengthen asthma care in the community.

    Healthy Living with Diabetes®

    SWH of MA has a diabetes health management program called Healthy Living with Diabetes® designed to assist Members in understanding diabetes and self-care. Senior Whole Health has a special interest in diabetes, as it is the number one chronic diagnosis for our Basic Health Members.

    Heart Healthy Living Program®

    SWH of MA has a heart health management program called Heart Healthy Living Program® designed to assist Members in understanding heart health and self-care. This program is for adults with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and/or congestive heart failure. You will learn:

    • About coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and/or congestive heart failure

    • About taking medication

    • About making lifestyle changes to manage conditions, such as quitting smoking or changing diet


    Living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Program

    This program is for Members with COPD. They will learn:

    • How to quit smoking

    • About working with your provider to keep your COPD under control

    • The warning signs of COPD

    • How to take your medicines as ordered


    If you would like to refer a SWH of MA Member to one or more of the disease management programs, please call Provider Services.

  • Health Promotion

    SWH of MA's Health Education programs will be incorporated into the member's treatment plan to address the member's health care needs. Primary prevention programs may include smoking cessation and wellness.

    Smoking Cessation Program

    This nationally recognized program is for members who are ready to kick the smoking habit. The program is for smokers who are over 18 years of age and are ready to quit. Members will be asked about their readiness to stop smoking. If members are ready and have the support to take this important step, they may be eligible to join. The program is done over the telephone and lasts for six months.

    Weight Control Program

    This program is for members who may need help controlling their weight. The weight control program is provided for Senior Whole Health Medicare members. They will learn about healthy eating and exercise. Members may be able to go to classes in their area if classes are offered.


    SWH of MA has partnered with Solera Health to administer the Diabetes Prevention Program and match qualified Medicare members with a program that best fits their needs. 

    This program has been developed to assist lifestyle changes that may help members lose weight, adopt healthy habits and reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

    The program is intended to help members succeed with lifestyle changes and may include the following:

    • A focus on healthier food choices and increased activity levels

    • 16 weekly lessons over the span of six months, followed by monthly maintenance sessions

    • interactions with a lifestyle health coach

    • Small group, in-person classes for encouragement and support


    Visit solera4me.com/molina or call (888) 305-6058 (TTY 711), Monday-Friday 9 AM to 9 PM EST to see if you pre-qualify.

    Women's Healthcare Services

    Members can get women's health care services from any provider who has a contract with SWH of MA Medicare. You do not need a referral from your PCP. This may include services such as:

    • Pap tests

    • Mammograms

    • Family planning


    Motherhood Matters® Pregnancy Program

    Motherhood Matters® is a program for pregnant women. This program will help women get the education and services needed for a healthy pregnancy. You will be mailed a workbook and other resources. You will be able to talk with a Care Manager about any questions you may have during your pregnancy. Also, you will learn ways to stay healthy during and after your pregnancy


    If you would like to enroll a Senior Whole Health member in one or more of these programs, or have any questions, please call Provider Services.