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Molina Healthcare of South Carolina

Correspondence Address

PO Box 40309
North Charleston, SC 29423-0309

Provider Services

Phone: (855) 237-6178

Claim Submissions

PO Box 22664
Long Beach, CA 90801
Phone: (855) 237-6178

Member Services

Phone: (855) 885-3176


Submitting Electronic: Claims, Referral Certification and Authorization
Phone: (866) 409-2935
Email Directly:

Submitting Electronic: Encounters
Phone: (866) 409-2935
Email Directly:


Molina Healthcare
ERA/EFT Email:

Change Healthcare/ECHO Health

EFT/ERA/835 Assistance
Phone: (888) 834-3511

Virtual Credit Card Processing Assistance
Phone: (888) 983-5580

Provider Portal Assistance
Phone: (888) 686-3280

Provider Portal (ECHO):