Medicaid State Fair Hearing


When you ask for a Medicaid fair hearing, a hearing officer who works for the state reviews the decision that was made. You may ask for a fair hearing any time up to 120 days after you get our notice of plan appeal resolution. You must finish your plan appeal process first.

You may ask for a fair hearing by calling or writing to:

Agency for Health Care Administration
Medicaid Hearing Unit
P.O. Box 60127
Ft. Myers, FL 33906
(877) 254-1055 (toll-free)
239-338-2642 (fax)

After getting your fair hearing request, the Agency will tell you in writing that they got your fair hearing request. The letter will tell you the date and time of the hearing. The letter tells you how to get ready for the hearing. You may have the meeting by phone or in person. You have the chance to explain why you asked for the service. The hearing officer will review the case and make a decision.