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You deserve quality care

What you have to say about your care means a lot to us. It helps us serve you with quality care and find ways to grow and improve. Our goal is to make sure you:

  • Get quality care quickly.
  • Always have easy access to health care.
  • Are treated with respect and friendly customer service

About Your Care

Image of African American doctor consoling her mature patient in waiting room at medical clinic. Both of them are wearing protective face masks.
We work with our providers to give you good health care. Learn more

Member Rights & Responsibilities

You have rights and responsibilities.​

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Complaints & Appeals

You have a right to file a complaint, grievance or appeal.

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Fraud Prevention

Molina seeks to uphold the highest ethical standards for the provision of health care benefits and services to its members. Learn more.

Educational Resources

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Educational Resources that will guide you to the road of healthy lifestyle! Learn more.